Welcome to the QIDP

We are currently revamping this site and transitioning from the Old QIDP site to the new QIDP site

This site is dedicated to providing training, services and assistance to those of us who provide care for or deal with the Intellectually Disabled. This includes but by no means is inclusive to those of us in the business of providing care and services, but also police and educators who must deal with or may need to learn more about interacting with those with developmentally disablilities, and the family members and friends who provide care to, assist with, or just want more information on the Intellectually Disabled. We are here to provide a place for learning and the exchange of information and support. We offer a full range of services from consulting, support, educational seminars to QIDP training.

For those of you not familiar with what a QIDP (Qualified Intellectually Delayed Professional) does, we have provided the following brief explanation.

It is the function of a QIDP to ensure the organization and delivery of services in a facility. The QIDP coordinates with facility staff, consultants, and other services to see that all services are provided in accordance with State and Federal regulations. The QIDP coordinates the development of each client's Individual Service Plan (ISP) by obtaining assessments according to each client's needs such as:
  • Conducting interdisciplinary team conferences and developing an individual daily program schedule that incorporates the ISP objectives.
  • Obtaining all supplies and equipment needed to implement programs.
  • Training facility staff to implement ISP as written.
  • Coordinates ISP with Regional Center, day programs/schools and community service providers.
  • Develops and arranges for medical, therapeutic, recreation and community integration.