Erika Medina, MAOL

Anne Mason

My name is Erika Medina. After a few months of looking to do something more significant with my Psychology degree, I was fortunate to reconnect with Anne Mason, who I had briefly met in college, Anne, with her passion and knowledge in the field of Developmental Disabilities, inspired me to explore the meaningful career possibilities the field had to offer. I attended her training and became a Qualified Intellectually Disabilities Professional/consultant (QIDP) in 2002. Becoming a QIDP was the means to follow a calling that translated into a very rewarding career in the field of Psychology for several years. Her training gave me a strong foundation to execute the functions of my job with confidence and competency. The strong knowledge foundation that she gave me allowed me to develop my own style as a behavioral and habilitation specialist. My style is based in the Anthroposophy ideas of Rudolf Steiner which objective is to fulfill the cognitive and inner spiritual needs of the clients.

When Anne started to develop the QIDP Online training web-site, I became one of her contributors. Based on my experiences as one of her trainees, I have been instrumental in designing the website, training manuals and web-seminars by providing her with valuable feedback on how she can deliver in an effective and efficient way all the information that is required for someone interested in pursuing this rewarding career.

Becoming a QIDP was for me a milestone in my professional life. Working in a job which main purpose is to make a positive impact in the lives of the people we serve, translates in making a difference in the lives of many people… it means making a difference in the world we live in. Becoming a QIDP consultant was for me a catalyst to develop my capacities as an advocate and a leader. With that in mind and the hope of making a greater impact to the field of developmental disabilities, I completed a Masters Degree in Organizational Leadership and Development in 2010.

Puzzled by the reality that many children were born with developmental disabilities that could have been prevented at the moment of birth, I started “Embracing Maternal Solutions”, a not for profit organization, which inspired by one of the Millennium Development Goals, is working in reducing maternal death and disabilities due to complications during childbirth.

Currently, I also consult in the healthcare and not-for-profit sectors as a quality assurance, leadership and training and development specialist. My passion is the concept of the learning organization, my approach to organizational development consulting is the application of systems thinking to catalyze significant innovation, change management and team development. As a professional, I have developed significant experience managing operations and optimizing human capital to effectively maintain compliance with federal and state regulations. My expertise includes implementation of new programs, community outreach, training and organizational development, leadership education, professional coaching, strategic planning, personal development and life skills coaching.

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