Staff Client Relations


1. Premise: We work for our clients providing physical care, a clean/safe environment, and active treatment (skill training programs).

2. Relations with our clients are based on the above premise, Clients should be receiving the same kind of care and personal respect that we would expect in a similar situation.


  1. Staff should talk directly to clients, not at them, or as if they were not in the room.
  2. Staff should not fight/argue with other staff in front of clients. Go outside, into another room, or save it for after work.
  3. Staff should not speak a language other than English in front of clients, unless that client speaks and understands that language.
  4. Staff should attempt to listen to what clients are saying and be responsive to their feelings, wants, and needs.


  1. Blind clients: Always remember that they cannot see (or see well). Staff should describe their setting, choices, and what they are going to do to or for the client prior to first touching them.
  2. Deaf clients: Always remember that they cannot hear (or hear well). Staff should use gestures often when describing, explaining, what is expected of them. If they know sign language, it is the staffs responsibility to develop an understanding of simple sign language.
  3. Clients in wheel chairs: Staff should crouch down to clients in wheel chairs (so that both staff and clients are eye to eye) whenever possible.
  4. Non-Verbal clients: Staff have to be careful to try and read the clients body language and listen for what sounds they can make. It can be very difficult to know what a client wants or needs when you don't know the client well. Staff have to be extra careful to watch for signs or symptoms of distress or illness.