Clients have the same legal rights and responsibilities guaranteed to all other individuals by the U.S. and California Constitutions, and federal and state law.
  1. The right to be free from discrimination.
  2. The right to treatment and habilitation services to foster developmental potential, protect personal liberty, and provide least restrictive environment.
  3. The right to dignity, privacy, and humane care.
  4. The right to participate in an appropriate program of publicly supported education.
  5. The right to prompt medical care and treatment.
  6. The right to religious freedom and practice.
  7. The right to social interaction and participation in community activities.
  8. The right to physical exercise and recreational opportunities.
  9. The right to be free from harm, including unnecessary physical restraint, or isolation, excessive medication, abuse, or neglect.
  10. The right to be free from hazardous procedures.