Adapting to Different Dietary Restrictions

One of the truly good things about an Intermediate Care Facility over other facilities is that we have the ability for special diets.  Each ICF home has a dietitian on staff to assist staff to make special diets.  People with particular medical conditions requiring consideration like low cholesterol diets, no salt, low/ high calorie or low protein diets can all be calculated so that the individual resident has all the nutrition they need regardless of restrictions.

Residents who need special diets for food allergies (like peanuts), metabolic conditions (like chronic renal conditions), restriction of preservatives in food (for those with ADDH) and Religious preferences in food can all be accommodated.  Even that resident who just plain refuses to eat certain foods can have their diets customized.   It is common place to have several different dietary restrictions in one facility.  Staff are extensively trained in preparing, portion control and serving meals appropriately.  Also different textures (example: bite size, finely chopped, ground and puree) are used to prevent choking or aspiration are common.   It has been known for a long time that long term dietary changes can help and even prevent a variety of medical and behavioral conditions.