10 Things a New Q Needs to Know

Being a QIDP can be a richly rewarding, though sometimes challenging and sometimes a frustrating experience. There are many things for a Q to learn and know and this is only a basic overview of what the Q job consists of. Knowing how to do the paperwork and coordinating services for clients is only the beginning. It takes actual experience in the field and a good understanding of the regulations to implement a custom program to meet both the client’s and the facilities needs. These are simply ten points the every New Q should be familiarize themselves with:

  1. What is a Developmental Disability?
  2. What is Active Treatment?
  3. What is Normalization?
  4. Read and know Title 22 (Facility Federal and State Regulations) and Title 17
  5. (Regional Center Regulations)
  6. How to run an Interdisciplinary Team Meeting.
  7. How to write an Individual Program/Service Plan.
  8. How to write Goals and Objectives.
  9. How to write Plans and Data Sheets.
  10. How to write Monthly and Quarterly Reviews.
  11. How to coordinate Services for Clients.