The QIDP is responsible for the organization and delivery of services in the facility. Responsibilities include coordinating with the owner and RN to see that all services are provided in accordance with State and Federal regulations and corporate policies.

The QIDP is responsible for the following:

  1. Monitors to see that client care is provided by direct care staff in accordance with regulations.
  2. Communicates with facility staff, RN and consultants to assess and coordinate needs of the clients.
  1. Coordinates development of the Individual Service Plan by:
  2.   a) Obtaining assessments according to each client's needs.
      b) Scheduling and conducting the interdisciplinary team conference.
      c) Writing the Individual Service Plan document for the client record.
      d) Completing the individual daily program schedule to include the ISP objectives.
      e) Training facility staff to implement the training programs as written.
  3. Develops program activities and a schedule based on the ISP's of the residents.
  4. Purchases supplies and equipment to implement the programs.
  5. Supervises staff to conduct the training program as written.
  6. Coordinates the facility program with the day program for each resident
  7. Develops and arranges for the recreation and community participate and integration program.
  1. Completes and/or obtains required client data.
  2. Completes monthly and quarterly program progress reports.
  3. Trains facility staff in proper charting and data collection.
  4. Supervises and monitors proper storage and security of client and personnel records to insure safety and confidentiality.
  1. Serves as social services designee for the facility.
  2. Coordinates services with the Regional Center, Department of Family and Children’s Services and community service providers.
  3. Serves as liaison between the facility and involved family and/or client representatives.
  4. Attends conferences, planning meetings, etc. with day programs and schools.
  1. Participates in all surveys and reviews by regulatory agencies. Complete written plans of correction and reports. Documents all follow-up and corrective actions.
  2. Conducts Human Rights committee meeting, and records minutes.
  3. Supervises expenditure and accounting of client trust accounts in accordance with regulations.
  4. Coordinates contracted service providers to insure that client needs are met. Including: physicians, dentists, pharmacy, labs, x-ray, hospitals, RN and program consultants.
  5. Arranges or assists with client transportation and supervision for medical, therapy, social and recreational services.