Regional Centers first started out as a loose organization that was developed from the Lanterman Act to provide the Intellectually Disabled and their families obtain more information about services for the Intellectually Disabled. The hot topic at the time was school access. The Regional Centers actively sought out those who had been previously barred from schools and provided for many of the special needs they had to have to attend school.
It later developed into a network that assisted families in coordinating the depopulation of the large Developmental Centers. The Regional Centers actively developed and located community facilities for those people to find group housing in the communities (Much like this facilities today.
With very little exception Regional Center is the only outlet for referrals for the developmental disabled to obtain placement in community facilities that meet the needs of the developmental disabled. They also monitor the placements and attend the residents ISP’s. They are responsible to monitort all facility and day program placements as well as seeing to the transportation provided is appropriate for each individual.