We at the QIDP are available to provide your Staff and other QIDP’s, new or experienced, essential training and in-services vital to an organization’s success either online or at your facility.

We can provide full training, survey preparation assessments, and training plus writing services for plans of correction and quality control chart auditing for new QIDP’s.

We can provide additional training for QIDP's, administrators, and licensees in the areas of Pre-Admission, Admission, Individual Service Plans, Active Treatment, Assessment Techniques/Tools, Data Collection and Report Writing Skills.

We can also develop complete training “packages” tailored for your organization, facility or group complete with guidelines and manuals.

The QIDP Online also provides specific behavior interventions, objectives, and effective behavioral plans. We can assist with human rights issues, day programs and schools, community integration, as well as mandatory and other specific in-service training for direct care staff.

QIDP Basic Training

QIDP Training Manual by Anne Mason

To coinside with the release of our manual we will begin offering our online Basic training course in late March.

In early March will will post the exact dates and times and begin taking enrollment.

Topics Covered will include:

  • Introduction
  • Q Roles and Functions
  • Active Treatment
  • Normalization
  • Choices
  • Assessments
  • ID Team
  • ISP Report
  • Goals and Objectives in general
  • Goals and Objectives advanced
  • Data Sheets
  • Writing Monthlies/Quarterlies
  • Behavioral Interventions
  • Staff Training
  • Rights/Abuse
  • Human Rights Committee Meeting
  • Other areas of Intervention
  • Family style dining
  • Money management
  • Med pass
  • Staffing
  • Privacy
  • Community integration
  • Admission/Discharge Responsibilities